Keeping Up with the Microsofts and Apples

Keeping Up with the Microsofts and Apples

Not an easy thing to do, as technology races to outpace our ability to remain on the cutting edge.

It’s all coming together, isn’t it?

This month’s issue is focused on extremely timely topics for learning professionals, like “The Future of Work and Collaboration” (page 22) and “Extended Enterprise Learning” (page 40). What astute readers will immediately realize is that the one factor tying together virtually every topic in this issue is the increasing significance of electronics in both our professional and personal lives. Earlier this month, I was watching a television program that was originally filmed in 2002, just 11 years ago. (Incidentally, it was “aired” via one of the numerous subscription online video services that was unavailable back then.) The characters did most of their computing on desktops with tower-based hard drives, and they talked on wired telephony and now-outdated cell phones that lacked the sophistication of today’s smartphones. There was not a “tablet” computer in sight. Touchpads and haptic technology were virtually unheard-of, except in science fiction.

How far we’ve come in those 11 years!

In his article on the future workplace, David Coleman goes into detail on the newest of the new technologies making their way into our world: nanotechnology, heads-up displays, location-based technology, 3-D printers and B.Y.O.D. (“bring your own device”) initiatives, among others.

In the article on extended enterprise learning, I examine how operational organizations (not just H.R. and corporate departments) can leverage hosted learning technology to achieve business goals and objectives in ways not seen as few as five years ago. Even though vendors are loathe to admit it, the current “extended enterprise” learning management systems are basically in the toddler stage; there is so much more development to come — and it will come quickly.

The disadvantage of all these rapid technical developments, from both a commercial and consumer viewpoint, is that the technology is moving faster than you can keep up. You buy the best new gadget, and it’s already time to buy the bestest, newest.

The lesson? You’ll never catch up. So it’s even more important to invest wisely, making sure that your purchases allow for the maximum expandability and scalability, in order to minimize your annual outlays.

As technology continues to move forward at a breakneck pace, you can depend on Elearning! magazine to keep you up to date — as much as that’s possible in this day and age!

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