Keylemon, a pioneering developer of biometric ID and motion-analysis technologies, in partnership with Swissteach AG, will bring face recognition to Swissteach’s Global Teach online learning-management system (LMS). Demonstrated using a Bosch Rexroth LMS installation for presentation purposes, this joint effort highlights the security, ease of use and other benefits of supplementing or replacing legacy LMS access control with the latest in biometric ID-verification technology. The Swissteach/KeyLemon LMS demo supplements legacy user-name-and-password logins to guard access to sensitive information using 20 points of unique facial data. It also features a one-way verification process that prevents face reconstruction using biometric models. Systems based on this demo will not only better protect sensitive data, but also allow logins and periodic ID re-verification without any interaction from users, helping to ensure a seamless learning experience, as well as lessen administrative overhead due to misspelled names, lost passwords, and other login issues.

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