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Rob Lowe to Show Innovative Children Educational Apps on "Informed"

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Rob Lowe has been the voice of many popular television shows over the years, on a wide variety of topics. Now, he is the host of the popular public television series "Informed." In prior episodes, the show highlighted important information for the benefit of viewers everywhere. This episode will draw attention to mobile learning apps for children, an industry that has grown exponentially in recent years.

In years past, parents would educate their children by reading bedtime stories to them or purchasing toys that doubled as educational tools. Now, even toddlers can learn how to use a laptop or other mobile devices, so many parents are downloading apps that are used to teach their kids basic concepts. Children using these apps can learn how to match shapes, count to ten, and learn the alphabet. This has created a revolution in the education of children everywhere because these apps can double as learning tools, as well as entertainment devices. This frees up parents to multitask while their kids learn basic concepts. These apps are discussed in great detail on this episode of "Informed" with Rob Lowe.

"Informed" with Rob Lowe is carefully proofread by professionals to ensure it meets quality standards prior to being distributed to national partners for broadcast to a wider audience. The show has received a wide variety of awards in recognition of its work.

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