LCMS: New Website Unveils New Learning System uses a patent-pending learning system to make management and employee training for a new generation more relevant, effective, convenient, and affordable, based on nineteen years of research conducted by RainmakerThinking, Inc., which created and owns the new Website.

Nine training programs are currently available, with each program organized into a series of lessons in sequential order. Each lesson consists of a short video (2-3 minutes), an area for a social-network-style (but private) online conversation, and a pre-posted “conversation starter.” The programs are written and delivered by Bruce Tulgan, the best-selling management author, and are based on the ongoing in-depth workplace research conducted by RainmakerThinking, Inc. since 1993. Many more programs are currently in development. The system also allows users to develop their own programs — by making their own series of video lessons.

The cost structure is $1 per lesson per person for subscriptions that never-expire. The training is continuous, which makes it stick over time through regular ongoing reminders. Participants have training content pushed to them by email notifications, so they can watch video-lessons any where any time and engage in online conversations about applying the lessons at work.

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