LMS: A Complete Service Ecosystem

ePath Learning’s Enterprise Learning Service is a complete service ecosystem that allows you to deploy enterprise-wide on-demand learning programs, faster, at less cost, with higher adoption rates resulting in a quicker return on investment.

ePath Learning’s Services include:

>> ASAP, an online integrated Learning Management Service (iLMS), combines the power of an LCMS with the features of an LMS to provide everything from a custom employee training portal to collaborative tools for creating, searching, scheduling, tracking and reporting on training and performance.

>> Client Service Cycle walks you through every stage of our service, from implementation to adoption and performance management, ensuring your learning initiative meets its goals.

>> Professional Services include award-winning instructional designers, graphic artists, and media professionals with the industry expertise and best practices to support the full life-cycle of your training initiatives — from needs analysis to post-training assessments.

>> Shared-Success Pricing Model is a per-user, per-month subscription that adapts to your requirements — from simple online testing to comprehensive knowledge management ensuring you only pay for what you need.

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