LMS: Best of Both Worlds- Open Source with Full Support Option

Trellis LMS is based on an open source software, making it from step one a cost-effective solution. Learning.net offers Trellis LMS to organizations of all sizes, hosting the software solutions for 99% of its customers. Trellis Out-of-the-Box provides a very cost-effective solution for smaller learning communities. The Trellis family of products – TrellisManage, TrellisAuthor, and TrellisTalk – offers an opportunity for larger organizations to customize a learning management system to their unique needs at the cost of what others offer off the shelf.


Its clients range in size from associations and consulting firms with a few hundred learners to corporations with 100,000+ learners. It have a solution to fit your needs and your price points.

Learning.net can also create a complete custom learning management system geared to helping you achieve your specific business goals.

Learning.net’s software provides a complete framework for all your learning management needs. Trellis, its trademarked system, consists of software modules for learning management, learning content management (authoring), and a built-in Web seminar function. You can use as much of the system as you want to create and administer classroom courses, online synchronous and asynchronous courses, and performance support materials.

With Learning.net’s Trellis LMS, you have the benefits of open-source with the full support of an experienced software firm. To learn more, visit: www. learning.net. Or e-mail info@learning. net, or call (949) 221-8600 ext 13.

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