LMS: Connecting Learners With Learning Anywhere

SCORM Cloud from Rustici Software lets you connect learners to learning and track the results anywhere online. It serves as a platform for launching content where your learners are (e.g., WordPress or Facebook) then reports the results back to you rather than sending your students back to the LMS.

SCORM Cloud’s open integration lets you initiate a content launch from anywhere. The learner’s training record is tracked by SCORM Cloud and can easily be reported back to other tracking systems, like HR tools, compliance management systems or even back to your LMS.

You can also test your SCORM packages to ensure they run their best, launch training without the LMS, and view data that comes back in an easy to read format. Content creators can also use SCORM Cloud to send courses to an LMS to ensure the package will work and track how it gets used. And the new account interface makes it easier to access all the features and take advantage of all SCORM Cloud has to offer.

SCORM Cloud is a hosted version of Rustici’s well-known SCORM Engine. SCORM Engine is integrated directly into an LMS installation so it can be part of the system behind a firewall or on your own server.

For more info, visit the Website www.scorm.com.

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