Question mark Perception is a complete assessment management system that enables you to create questions and organize them into exams, quizzes, tests or surveys. It allows management to schedule people to take the assessments, deliver them in a variety of ways and then view the results in 10 different report types.

Management can author questions using wizards in a Windows environment and then store and edit them with local or shared repositories. The authoring wizards make it easy to create 20 different types of questions.

While using the authoring wizards, you can add multimedia files including audio, video, Flash animations and Captivate simulations to Perception questions. When the participant completes an assessment, the results are stored in Perception’s answer database. Administrators can then view these via a browser.

Perception offers 10 predefined report styles, but you can also define your own reports. A Perceptions Workflow management module allows organizations to define and enforce processes and rules to control the development and deployment of questions. 

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