LMS: Helping You Reduce Costs, Eleminate Risks & Drive Change

NetDimensions designs software that allows organizations to deliver, manage and document regulatory and industry compliance programs.Working closely with leading hardware and software companies,systems integrators and content providers, NetDimensions creates solutions that are scalable, secure, flexible, open and global.

NetDimensions’ flagship product, theEnterprise Knowledge Platform (EKP) is a powerful learning management system created to meet the regulatory and industry compliance needs of local, regional and global organizations. EKP manages the entire learning process—from enrolling users and tracking their progress to delivering tests and reporting costs. A Webbased solution, EKP operates securely and reliably, and supports over 30 languages.

The Enterprise Assessment Platform (EAP), caters to organizations that wish to manage and deploy exam-oriented functionality as an included component of the LMS (EKP) or as a separately managed application. Deployment scenarios include employee, partner, customer knowledge assessments and compliance licensing. EAP is optimized for use in highly regulated industries  Such as transportation, financial and government services, public utilities and other services focused sectors.

The Enterprise Content Platform (ECP) is a fully integrated environment for authoring, managing, and publishing online courseware, instructor led materials and performance support products. ECP enables content to be developed once, customized to end-user requirements, and deployed on-demand through any channel to reduce time-to-market and improve the training experience.

Organizations from various industries around the world including Cathay Pacific,HSBC and ING trust NetDimensions to deliver solutions that reduce costs, eliminate risks and improve workforce productivity – so can you. Contact us today at sales@netdimensions.com.

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