LMS: Showcase Extended Learning Effectiveness with a Multimedia Learning Management System

It has been widely documented that learning occurs in many different ways. We learn from listening to words, and to ambient sounds.We learn from text, especially when it is relevant to what we are searching for, and, we learn from images, both still and moving. We learn from others, as most learning has a social and cultural component, and we learn from activities – from doing things that are related to what we want or need to learn.


As humans, our senses are used to process information coming through multiple communications channels at the same time.We enjoy “rich media” that combines several “learning modalities” into one integrated learning experience.

This approach has been termed by many as “multimedia learning”.


According to Richard Mayer (2005), “People can learn more deeply from words and pictures than from words alone.” By “words” Mayer means either text or spoken words, and by “pictures” he means illustrations, photos, animations, or video. There is an assumption in his research that two channels – visual and auditory – can work together within certain design guidelines, and when combined, will reinforce each other leading to better learning outcomes.


In terms of teaching with multimedia, Mayer proposes three metaphors of how learning using multimedia can take place – response strengthening, information acquisition, and knowledge construction.
>>RESPONSE STRENGTHENING is making better connections between different sets of information or procedures. This can be carried out through a set of repetitive exercises – drill and practice.
>>INFORMATION ACQUISITION adds new facts to memory, and an online presentation is one way to deliver the new information.
>>KNOWLEDGE CONSTRUCTION is building a coherent mental structure for each learner as they try to make sense of the world. In this role, an online teacher is really a cognitive guide for helping learners to construct their own view of the world, and needs to be able to communicate and give feedback to the online learner.

All three learning metaphors are possible with a properly designed multimedia learning management system. And with Knoodle it has never been easier.

Knoodle delivers an innovative learning management system that allows you to combine several different learning modalities into a rich online experience. With Knoodle’s robust multimedia learning management system, learners can receive, send and interact with a wide variety of multimedia resources including integrated video, collaboration and chat features, annotations and mobile learning.

Learning is supported by extensive tracking and reporting features all delivered in the cloud. The simplicity of Knoodle allows you to create and deliver e-learning courses in minutes.

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This article is an excerpt from the white paper: The Ideal Learning Management System for Multimedia Learning authored by Gary Woodill, Ed.D. a Senior Analyst at Brandon Hall Group. Contact us to request a full version of this white paper.

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