LMS: Some New Enhancements

The CourseMill Learning Management System includes its latest features and upgrades in Version 6.5. Here are some of the enhancements: Keyword Search – Specify the setting that influences the Course Catalog Keyword Search filter for the learner interface. Acceptable values are Curriculums, Courses or Both. News URL – Specify the URL for the text of the learner’s News tab. Retain Highest Score – Specify whether to retain the highest score that a learner achieves on a module. If this property is identified as true, subsequent launches of the module will not change the learner’s score, unless the learner achieves a higher score. Custom Certificates – Create custom certificates for learners with personalized colors, images and text. Enhanced Scheduled Reports – Enhanced options enable administrators to schedule reports to run daily, restrict the timeframe of the report to the frequency of the report, generate weekly reports with all results for the report and more. —More info: www.trivantis.com/coursemill-new-in-learning-management-system

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