LMS &TMS: It’s Analytics-driven

LiveHive’s new sales engagement platform has a visible, analytics-driven approach for social selling across the vendor-to-partner-to-customer ecosystem. LiveHive identifies sales engagement patterns of partners, prospects and customers, including those on social networks. With LiveHive, sales leaders can now have accurate and real-time visibility into sales activity to better manage partner and sales rep performance.

LiveHive is a cross-platform solution with analytics that provide sales managers with actionable insight, such as:
>> Which sales and marketing materials are working to advance a sale
>> Who engaged, how often and from where
>> Where and when partners and sales reps are engaging geographically

LiveHive provides a single destination for updating, accessing, sharing and analyzing business materials for channel partners and sales reps. With an interactive discussion stream, organized content libraries and granular permission controls, LiveHive focuses sales activity on what matters – closing deals.

—Free LiveHive account: http://livehive.com/

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