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The Total Training Network Learning Management System (LMS) was recently named a finalist for Elearning! Magazine’s Best of Elearning! Awards. They were named alongside a select group of learning and training peers that achieved the highest measures of performance and content delivery.

The TTN LMS is a web-based interactive learning management system for use with any computer on a local or wide area network. The standard platform has advanced features and a comprehensive reporting package, which, when combined with the modest price, allows users to maximize ROI. Adding proprietary courses is easy and the standard library of Business Skills and HR courses, along with thousands of additional courses means that startup time is minimal

Perhaps most satisfying about the nomination, according to Total Training Network President Jerry Cox is that it is based on the voting results of readers and professional users from both the public and private sectors.

While it’s not known which specific aspect, or perhaps aspects, set the Total Training Network LMS above the rest, there are many possible reasons.

Total Training Network LMS is a scalable learning solution that can be adapted to fit a client’s budget and training needs. And even if clients start out small, they can easily and affordably expand their parameters to include a broader range of content and tools.

Another significant feature of the Total Training Network LMS is its detailed, yet easy-to-view and understand reporting and tracking tools. Trainers and administrators can know quickly and with exceptional confidence the exact status of their learning program and the precise status of each user.

What’s more, the Total Training Network LMS is an open platform, making it compatible with all industry standard media options, including PowerPoint and PDF and is completely SCORM compliant.

Total Training Network can also convert and upload a client’s existing library of materials into the Total Training Network LMS. Plus, Total Training Network can augment a client’s materials with their extensive library of exclusive titles covering a wide range of topics.

Users of the Total Training Network LMS also love its universal accessibility. The web-based platform is accessible around the world at any time.Of course, this is standard these days. But what places the Total Training Network LMS in a unique classification is the fact that it is also mobile device compliant and accessible. Learners and trainers alike can use smart phones and other mobile devices such as the iPad to access, use, study and review content, including live mobile testing and past test results.

Another compelling point about the Total Training Network LMS is that it’s infinitely expandable. Clients are not confined to limited server space or bandwidth restrictions. The Total Training Network LMS houses and distributes unlimited volumes of content from hundreds of megabytes to multiple terabytes if required. And it offers the bandwidth required to support video and audio without lag or streaming issues.

In an ever-increasing world of online training and learning options, finding the right option for an organization is a challenging task. This is what makes objective third-party endorsements such an important resource. Being selected as a finalist for the Elearning! magazine’s Best of Elearning! Awards and other similar accolades is something Total Training Network worked hard to achieve. By employing a process that included constant evaluation of customer and market demands, Total Training Network has indisputably established their LMS as one of the best in the world.

As Cox said, “Total Training Network built our LMS around the needs of the trainer and learner.We’ve listened to their input and challenged our programmers and people to meet them. This effort has resulted in a product that we are very proud of. I’m glad that we achieved our goal and created an exceptional LMS.”

To learn more about the Total Training Network LMS visit us at www.ttnlearning.com or call us at (800) 487-3393.

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