Mentoring, Definitely, Coaching, Not So Much

Mentoring, Definitely, Coaching, Not So Much

While individual contributors at a majority of organizations are pro- vided mentoring by managers, relatively few employers provide them with coaching by outside professionals, according to a survey of executives and managers by AMA Enterprise, a division of American Management Association.

Three out of four organizations offer some sort of development to individual contributors, employees who may have no direct reports or formal leadership position but whose expertise is important for the enterprise’s success.

Q1. If your organization develops individual contributors, which of the following elements are part of that effort?

Mentoring by managers 59%

Individual development planning 57%

Personal assessments 53%

E-learning 48%

Classroom learning 45%

Special workshops and training 44%

Exposure to senior executives 40%

Access to external development offerings 38%

Coaching by external professionals 15%

Q2. How does your organization assess the effectiveness of its efforts to develop individual contributors?

Feedback of participants 46%

Improved performance of participants 37%

Observed behavior changes of participants 37%

Positive business results attributed to participants 31%

Don’t know/Does not apply 30%

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