Mobile Learning Comes into Its Own

For years, learning analysts have been predicting wide adoption for mobile learning. But, until now, this has not occurred. The adoption of mobile learning has been constrained by slow networks, limited services, anemic devices, and a hesitancy by organizations to purchase hardware that could soon be obsolete.  

All of this is now changing, according to Brandon Hall Research.

Mobile learning is taking off because the access devices, mobile phones, are already in people’s pockets. In addition, the phones are owned by the learners, not by institutions or large organizations. This makes an enormous psychological difference in terms of learners viewing themselves as being in control of their own learning.

Mobile phone companies are now seeing cell phones as the miniature computers in people’s pockets. Smart-phone sales are soaring, while sales of personal digital assistants (PDAs) without phone capabilities remain static. Some predictions indicate that, by 2010, more than 3.2 billion people will own a mobile phone and subscribe to a cellular service.

Brandon Hall’s report “Mobile Learning: The Essential Information for Training Professionals“ provides you with the key information you need to understand how mobile learning is changing the face of training.  

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