Moving The Needle: How Learning Impacts Performance

Moving The Needle: How Learning Impacts Performance

The Value of Training to Organizations

In 2010 KnowledgeAdvisors conducted an independent study that would address the
value of SkillSoft training to organizations. Some of the key findings include:

>> High applicability: SkillSoft learning easily integrates into the flow of work, and outperforms the industry when it comes to applicability.

>> Business impact: Learners feel SkillSoft training impacts critical areas of business, with productivity and quality topping the list.

>> Confidence: The training helps employees close skill gaps and build confidence that is essential to performance.

>> Increasing value over time: Respondents overwhelmingly agree that SkillSoft’s e-learning resources are valuable, and the more they use the solutions, the more value and impact they see.

Taken together, the findings illustrate the powerful role that e-learning, and SkillSoft elearning in particular, can play in a company’s success.


A study by the ROI Institute notes that when it comes to learning and development, Chief Executive Officers primarily want to know:

>> What is the expected impact on business results?
>> What is the expected return on investment?

These questions are all the more critical now, as companies look for ways to rebuild strength and gain a competitive advantage in the recovering economy.

The KnowledgeAdvisors study, conducted via a survey that occurred between December 14, 2010 and January 8, 2011, addresses these C-suite “hot buttons” of business impact and ROI. But it goes deeper, looking at the impact training has on the individual, and how that in turn affects a company’s performance.


Many different voices are reflected in this data. Responses came from companies of all sizes and industries, as well as across a geographic landscape that mirrors the learning industry as a whole. Some of these companies have been using learning tools for decades; others have less than a year of experience. Four hundred and sixty five SkillSoft clients were represented in the study.

The invitation to participate in the survey was sent to over 30,000 SkillSoft learners and over 7,800 responded (25%response rate) which provided a very robust and statistically sound dataset for KnowledgeAdvisors to analyze. The strong response was all the more impressive considering the timing. Even during the winter
holidays—one of the busiest times of the year—almost 8,000 SkillSoft users were motivated to respond and share their thoughts about SkillSoft. The end date for
the survey was even extended through the first week of January because individual learners asked for an opportunity to tell their SkillSoft stories when they returned from holiday break.

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