Must Read: Five Career Killing Habits - From FastCompany

Here’s a great article that appeared in FastCompany. We think this is a must read, and below is a quick excerpt.

“Your blind spots for your own bad habits could be keeping you from raises and promotions. In a recent study for VitalSmarts, Maxfield interviewed managers who identified the top five career killers:

1. Being disorganized and unreliable. This person doesn’t spend the necessary amount of time planning, organizing, communicating, and coordinating with others. They fail to follow through on commitments and are difficult to rely upon.

2. Doing too little too late.This person procrastinates, misses deadlines, and cuts corners rather than going the extra mile to produce great work.

3. Deflecting blame. This is the person who says, “It’s not my job.” They don’t take responsibility, cling to their job description, and are unwilling to sacrifice personal interests for a larger goal.

4.Being unwilling to change.This person is stuck in the past, complaining about the future, and repeating the same mistakes. They expect others to accept them as they are, dragging their feet in taking on new approaches.

5.Having a bad attitude. This person suffers from cynicism and negativity. They are often the contrarian, finding fault before looking for benefits.”

Check out the entire article here: LINK.

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