NASCAR Director to Speak at Enterprise Learning! Conference 2014

NASCAR Director to Speak at Enterprise Learning! Conference 2014

Karen Masencup, Training Director, NASCAR Addresses Learning On and Off the Track

NASCAR’s Training Director, Karen Masencup will speak at the Enterprise Learning! Conference (ELC), the exclusive learning and workplace technology marketplace, August 26, 2014 in Anaheim, CA.

Karen Masencup leads Safety Training at Speedways across the country. Her goal was to reduce the amount of classroom time needed during training sessions at the track and free up more time for hands-on practice before every race. The company’s philosophy is that learning is key to keeping NASCAR in the “victory lane.”  

NASCAR management believes that behind every successful race season are its employees and affiliates on the ground, from officials and track personnel who put on races each week to the corporate IT and R&D employees utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies.

Attend the Learning! 100: The Connected Enterprise session, to hear the pain points, the successes and the technologies that had to be re-invented to enable this engaged learning organization.

Troy Willrick, Senior Director of Event & Emergency Services for Daytona International Speedway, said: “Having more than 400 track services employees complete online courses before they arrive for training has dramatically increased the amount of time we can dedicate to hands-on training. This allows our workers more time to hone their skills and practice realistic scenarios they may encounter during an event. With our diverse workforce coming in from many locations around the country, the centralized system works perfectly, NASCAR’s high-quality training has proven to be extremely worthwhile.” 

ELC registration is now open with Early Bird rates saving attendees up to $500. Workshop and tour passes are also available beginning at $295. Government employees also receive a 30% discount on all conference rates. To learn more about attending ELC 2014 visit: For sponsorship or exhibitor information, contact or call 888-201-2841 x845.

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