National L&D Survey Touts Mobile and Gamification

Nearly 40% of survey respondents plan to invest in mobile learning technologies in 2014, a 17% increase over last year, according to Impact Instruction Group. The frm also found that 44% have new mobile technologies implemented within their organizations, and in 2014, they need to create an L&D plan to address it.

Among survey highlights:

>> Investment: Still ranking #1 in technology investment is E-learning at 87%; however, investments in mobile learning (39%), games and simulations (31%) both increased by 17% over the past year. Webinars and videos decreased by 12% and 7% respectively, although approximately half of respondents are still investing in them next year. Virtual conferences made the list this year with 24% of the respondents planning 2014 investments in that category.

> Leadership Interest: In 2014, we are seeing leadership-level interest with implementing technology-based solutions. A combined 66% said their leadership team’s interest is increasing, 25% have the same interest as last year, and 9% are reluctant.

>> Strategy: The majority of respondents (44%) said that they have new mobile devices in their organizations, and now a learning strategy is needed to address it; 6% have fully-adopted strategies; another 6% have strategies and plan to implement them in the coming year; 17% are planning to explore mobile learning in 2014.

>> Staffng: When asked how their staff is going to address mobile trends, the majority of respondents (38%) stated that they are going to train their current staff, and 21% already have the staff in place for mobile learning. Many respondents also shared that they have budget constraints that do not allow them to hire staff or outsourced vendors.

>> Implementation across lines of business: Survey respondents’ plans to implement mobile technology ranked highest in feld organizations (41%) and operations (34%), with IT and customer service trailing at 23% and 20%, respectively.


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