Networking Trumps Applying In Getting Jobs | A Great Fast Company Article

Networking Trumps Applying In Getting Jobs | A Great Fast Company Article

This is a great story about a pretty smart individual who built a Bot to apply to thousands of jobs at once, and what he learned. Although he’s a self-proclaimed non-software engineer, he managed to hobble together a pretty cool contraption of crawlers, spreadsheets, and scripts to automate his job-application process. His robot then aggregated hiring managers’ contact information, then submitted customized emails with his resume and a personalized cover letter. Pretty cool we thought.

However, what he learned is kind of surprising. Here’s the shortlist:

  • Robots, better known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) read every application;
  • He applied to 538 jobs – with very different content – without a hit, over a 3-month period;
  • He tested different cover letters, different subject lines in his emails, even different resumes to no avail;
  • The robots were looking for keywords and tech pedigrees before passing it on;
  • The big discovery came when friends said he should get his resume passed through to the hiring manager by someone that works at the company he wants to get hired at. That worked.
  • The big Ah-ha is less applying and more networking.

Read the article to get a much more detailed understanding of what he did, as well as a few laughs. It’s really good: If this is the kind of information that you like to read, then subscribe for free at:

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