Monday, 15 May 2017 06:42

Brainshark Uses HoloLens for Sales Training

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Brainshark Labs, an incubator for research and innovation for Brainshark, focuses on innovative ways to help sales organizations get better at what they do.  Tapping into Microsoft’s Cognitive Services, HoloLens mixed-reality simulation technology and machine learning, Brainshark is building a platform to simulate meetings and objectively score salesperson performance. The company revealed  details and its work with Microsoft during Build 2017 conference last week. The aim is to enable salespeople to practice their presentations in a simulated environment that’s as realistic as possible – with unpredictable interactions that get reps ready for difficult real-world questions and selling situations.

View this two minute video (click here) for more information on Brainshark’s use of and plans with Microsoft HoloLens, for sales simulations and coaching – as Brainshark pioneers the next generation of sales enablement technology.

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