LMS: New, Reliable Recording

Panopto 4.3’s new features include:

>> Failsafe Recording – This is the most reliable recording platform

available that ensures all critical presentations and training material will be recorded, saved in a central library, and available for viewing within seconds – even in the event a cloud service goes down, a power outage occurs, or hardware crashes.

>> Social Enablement – The new release provides a host of new social tools and technologies including:

>> Scalable platform – Per-user analytics as well as an I.T. admin dashboard for monitoring quotas on video streaming, captioning services, and client software licenses. The new media library also supports 10 file formats: wma, mpeg, ps, ts, qt, mp2, m2a, m2v, m4a, m4v.

—More info: www.panopto.com

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