Next Big Thing: Mobile AP Market

Next Big Thing: Mobile AP Market

The mobile augmented reality (AR) market is set to increase dramatically from 60 million unique users this year to nearly 200 million in 2018. The market will expand from the early-adopting gaming segment and navigation-based utility to becoming an integral part of the consumer’s ecosystem, according to research from Juniper.

Initial innovations will stem from games, such as Google Ingress, but the technology will expand to include lifestyle and fitness apps, Juniper believes. It also contends the possibility of a paradigm-shifting utilization of AR within social media, potentially breaking the digital-physical wall with potential future uses allowing a digital representation of a person to appear in the users surroundings.

Juniper Research forecasts that as the AR market matures, the utilization of AR apps will evolve to suit the device, with the tablet becoming a natural environment for multimedia and second-screen apps and the smartphone becoming a platform for navigation AR apps to thrive on.
Juniper also forecasts that Japan will be most valuable market per user download, with the U.S. third by 2018.

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