Off the Shelf or Customized, E-learning Elevates Efficiency

E-learning, as this magazine has been claiming for years, isn’t new. From better ways to onboard new employees to im- proving overall performance, there are many benefits to e- learning:

>>  It boosts productivity by up to 50 percent.

>>  It’s cost-effective: For every $1 spent, a company receives nearly $30 worth of productivity.

>>  It’s time-efficient, cutting down instruction time by up to 60 percent.

>>  And it improves performance levels.

Yet most companies just offer “typical” solutions; either boring slide-show presentations or nearly hour-long, drawn-out videos with no real focus. If you lose the audience, you lose the knowledge, which means you’ve lost out on developing a more productive employee.

For video e-learning to be successful, it must have the following four attributes (what e-learning provider ej4 calls their J4 Methodology for creating impactful videos):

1 Just as needed – One size doesn’t fit all. Beginner courses for rookies; advanced courses for more experienced learners. Classroom training can’t do that.

2 Just enough – Shorter, sequential learning is better. Learn one thing, then build on that — one step after another. And, if courses are short, nobody can say, “I don’t have time.” Then complete the package with handouts and quizzes to reinvorce the lesson even more.

3 Just in time – Learners get it the moment they need it. New product rollouts, updates to compliance or policy — whatever they need to do the job right, right now. Training that’s too early or too late is a waste of money.

4 Just right – Never boring. Learning design methodology must engage — and sometimes entertain.

Some topics that your video e-learning off-the-shelf library should cover:

>>  Selling Skills

>>  HR/Compliance

>>  Supervision/Leadership

>>  Safety

>>  Software Skills

>>  Negotiating

>>  Retail Excellence

>>  On-screen Talent

>>  Presentation Skills

>>  Professional Productivity

>>  Operations

>>  Communications

>>  Customer Service

>>  Key Account Selling

>>  Financial Basics/Compliance

Some companies even offer custom content. For instance, ej4 has a production studio, an editing suite, and world-class corporate trainers.

All of ej4’s courses — both off-the-shelf and custom — are short, to the point and full of relevant information, designed for today’s worker.

ej4’s subject-matter experts develop courses based on proven, academic research. And since its courses are 10 minutes or less, employees have more time to apply what they’ve learn. They have more time to refresh, if needed, allowing for a more versatile training experience overall.

Whether you have your own learning management system (LMS), need ej4’s, or want to go mobile, ej4 videos integrate seamlessly with any system utilizing the latest in video-based technology.

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