On-Demand Learning: Trains, Planes ...and Subways?

Where Is Learning Taking Place In Your Organization?

Often, it’s not during the 9-5 office workday.

Employees, a.k.a. corporate learners, want information and answers fast — anytime, anywhere. Much of this on-demand learning takes place during commute hours, business travel, or evenings when employees work from home. Call it mobile learning, m-learning, informal learning, or portable learning, traditional learning has evolved to on-demand, mobile learning, which can now take place in the air or on the bus. The term “on-demand” refers to such learner-led activities as self-study e-learning, books, reference materials, video training tutorials, conference proceedings, podcasts,  and other forms of     content  that the learner uses on his/her own when needed or as directed. On-demand learning is, by nature, very content-centric, and sourcing on-demand learning content can be difficult for learning organizations.

Which bring us to your employees. Where is learning taking place in your organization?  Today’s corporate learners need to master new  technologies and drive new business initiatives — in real time and in an on-demand environment.  Just-in-time learning  tools such as video  tutorials  allow  for continual reinforcement and review of new concepts. Taking time out of busy schedules and interrupting workflow for formal learning can be more  challenging for corporate learners. Portability and access of mobile apps and video have enabled corporate learners to exercise greater control over the content they consume.

Learners need the ability to collaborate and find real-time answers quickly for the projects that they are working on. Today’s corporate employees need to be empowered to learn anywhere, anytime. Providing that information when and where they need it is imperative for the learning and development organization. Traditional barriers such as bandwidth issues for video and support for various mobile devices have been removed; native mobile apps, which support high-def video, are becoming the norm. Mobile devices have become ubiquitous; more than ever, employees are using their personal mobile devices for on-the-go learning.

Customers have taught the learning community a great deal in terms of how and when they learn. Spikes in video use occur during commute and evening hours, when employees are typically not at their place of work. This is especially true in the software development and IT departments, where staying current and learning the new programming language or technology is key to a project’s success. The benefits of accessing information and learning tools when and where they’re needed has immediate corporate benefits, including employee satisfaction and talent retention.

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