Pro Trainers Lagging In Social Networking

While 77 percent of Elearning! magazine’s readers are using or testing social networking for learning, professional trainers overall are lagging in this arena.

A recent report from the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) looks at industry trends and shares best practices from companies that are maximizing the utility of Web 2.0 technologies in their training and development offerings.

Key findings include:

>> Only 9 percent of companies say Web 2.0 technologies play a major role in the learning function of their company.
>> 87 percent of respondents predict in the next three years their companies are more likely to use Web 2.0 technologies than they currently do.

>> 77 percent believe Web 2.0 technologies will improve knowledge sharing to a large or
very large extent.
>> 36 percent view the top risk of using Web 2.0 technologies to be leaking confidential information.

For companies using Web 2.0 technologies in the learning function, survey respondents also provided feedback on lessons learned. They include:

>> performing advanced planning before rolling out the technologies;
>> allowing enough time for the technologies to take root in the company;
>> avoiding trying to control usage too much;
>> securing senior-level commitment; and
>> building controls into the process to ensure integrity of process, content, and measurement.

The report also states that 95 percent of respondents think that Web 2.0 technology is effective, though the highest marks for it are not very high, indicating that many do not know how to use the technologies and the associated fear of them.

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