Protection for Data in Motion

WidePoint Corp. subsidiary Protexx has entered into a revenue-sharing agreement in which BlackBook2 will market Protexx’s cyber-security encryption product Data Guard Dog to its more than 20 million members.

Data Guard Dog, which is designed to eliminate hacking and identity theft on the Internet, enables individuals and firms to protect their personal and business data and information. The agreement went into effect last month.

According to Protexx, most popular security products only protect data residing on someone’s computer. But once information is actually sent over the Internet, it becomes vulnerable to theft. When using an Internet hot spot, connecting at home through DSL or broadband, using a satellite service or even applying 128-bit protection for online banking, virtually all data in motion remains at risk. But Data Guard Dog technology provides Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-based protection that gives users exceptional protection for data in motion

More information about Data Guard Dog may be found at website

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