Rapid Development Tools For The Mobile, The Cloud, And More

Rapid Development Tools can offer an easy, inexpensive way for organizations
to develop web-based training that is flexible, elegant, and easy to update without hiring a custom developer.

Some new products can help make online learning engaging, cloud-based, disability friendly, social mediaready, and mobile.

EActivity Turns Instructor Led Materials into Online Learning

ePath Learning Inc., has just added eActivity to the course creation functionality in its cloud-based learning management service, ePath Learning ASAP.

eActivity is an easy to use online tool for building flash-like interactions without
the need for Flash programming. eActivity combined with existing PowerPoint conversion functionality allows users to rapidly upload and create engaging online courses with ASAP.

Training professionals in blended learning environments that include instructor
led courses can easily load a PowerPoint presentation directly into their organization’s LMS and quickly create online courses, complete with self-checks, quizzes, tests, surveys, and interactive animations.

For smaller companies, this significantly reduces the cost and time associated
with the conversion of instructor led training materials into dynamic and engaging online learning tools. Yet, the trainers themselves can still ensure that the content is impactful and engaging for their learners, supporting higher rates of retention.

To learn more, visit www.epathlearning.com

Raptivity’s Rapid Interactivity Builder Expands to Mobile Platforms

Raptivity’s Rapid Interactivity Builder already helps trainers, educators, and
subject matter experts create online learning tools with meaningful interactive
elements. Raptivity provides a pre-built library of 170+ rapidly-customizable
interaction models such as brainteasers, learning games, videos, and simulations.

To meet the increasing demand of mobile learning, Raptivity has recently
released a large library of HTML5 interactions which support devices
such as iPhone and iPad. The interactions, are designed in such a way
that a user can customize an interaction once but publish in various formats
such as Flash and HTML5 without any programming!

To learn more, visit www.raptivity.com.

Composica – An Authoring System for Social Media

Composica is a social e-learning authoring system that offers real-time
collaboration among team members and provides a powerful programming-free WYSIWYG environment to create and deliver high-quality interactive e-learning 2.0 content with embedded social media.

Composica offers the best of all worlds—an entirely web-based authoring platform, that’s also incredibly rich, flexible and intuitive. The system boasts many unique features for both authors and learners, most notably, the ability to have full creative freedom, effortlessly embed social media within courses, and easily create SCORM-reporting serious games.

To learn more, visit www.composica.com.

iSpring Suite 6.0

iSpring is designed to work fast and reliably to PowerPoint-based courses with complex content. iSpring offers unique authoring features like custom slide aspect ratio, content protection, and multi-section course quizzes. iSpring focuses on making the technical side of the e-learning authoring process as easy as possible for users no matter what their level of technical skill.

iSpring provides great compatibility with virtually any SCORM-compliant LMS. In
addition, iSpring Suite is the only PowerPoint-based tool that can publish courses specially optimized for the BlackBoard LMS.

To learn more, visit www.ispringsolutions.com.

CourseAvenue Enables Accessibility for Disabled Learners

Companies everywhere struggle to make their content accessible to disabled learners. In the past this has often required a custom developed course. Now, CourseAvenue’s Accessibility Player builds Section 508/ADA compliance into any online content, which gives organizations a faster and more cost-effective path to develop Section 508/ADA compliant content.

The CourseAvenue suite of software contains other innovations. It includes a
cloud-based content authoring software product called CourseAvenue Studio, a learning management system called CourseAvenue Deliver, and a question-level data collection and analysis software product called CourseAvenue Analyze.

CourseAvenue has also developed an Enterprise Mobile Solution that enables
organizations to publish content for delivery through mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, without the need to redevelop a separate version of the course specifically for mobile.

To learn more, visit www.courseavenue.com.

Preview HTML5 Publishing Tool for Adobe Captivate 5.5

A free preview version of Adobe Labs’ new HTML 5 Converter for Adobe Captivate 5.5 is available on its website.

Adobe Captivate 5.5 is a video capture tool that allows users to record a process performed on a computer, create a Flash-based animation demo, and add additional learning elements such as quizzes. Like all Flash-based files,
Captivate animations will not run on mobile devices. The experimental tool
converts Captivate-generated .SWF files into HTML5 files. These files can then be edited in an HTML browser such as Dreamweaver.

The tool can help companies update old Captivate animations to be used on mobile devices. Animations that were created in versions 3-5 of Captivate can be imported into Captivate 5.5 and then converted to HTML5.

To learn more, or to download your free copy, visit labs.adobe.com/technologies/captivate_html5.

Articulate Storyline Goes Beyond the PowerPoint

Articulate’s e-learning authoring software is designed especially for those who prefer to work with PowerPoint. The Articulate Studio suite—Articulate Presenter, Articulate Quizmaker, and Articulate Engage—makes it easy to
convert PowerPoint presentations into courses, quizzes, and interactive
e-learning content. But in the past its presentations have embodied
the simple style associated with this kind of tool.

Articulate’s newest addition to its offerings is Articulate Storyline, designed to create sophisticated simulations and interactions with the same ease as its
other tools. Storyline is an interactive softwaredevelopment tool, designed to be used by someone with no training whatsoever.

To learn more, visit www.articulate.com.

Talent Accelerator and ProgressPlus Supports Informal and Blended Learning

Many companies are moving toward adding informal learning, such as coaching, mentoring and online knowledge sharing to their overall educational tools. But to measure the impact of informal learning, traditional competency models and 360degree assessments are only the beginning. Organizations need a framework for turning assessment-generated awareness into actionable goals and actions.

Envisia Learning Inc.’s Talent Accelerator creates a framework to guide and coach learners in their own informal training efforts. The system supports informal and blended learning with on-going encouragement and automated reminders.

Talent Accelerator is designed to work with Envisa’s goal evaluation tool called
ProgressPlus. ProgressPlus measures and evaluates actual the learning transfer engendered by coaching or training.

To learn more, visit www.envisialearning.com.

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