TOOLS: Raptivity Launches Linker for Learning Arcs


Raptivity®, the interactivity building tool from Harbinger Knowledge Products, has launched Raptivity Linker, to create short interactive learning experiences or “learning arcs.”

Raptivity Linker will allow users to string together stand-alone Raptivity interactions and create a variety of learning arcs.

A learning arc consists of multiple interactions linked together into one cohesive and meaningful learning experience. One can customize learning arcs to meet the learners’ needs as well as instructional objectives. In some cases, the interactive learning arc may serve as a useful micro-learning module, complete in itself. In other circumstances it could be a short learning snippet, forming a part of a larger course. Raptivity is holding a Webinar about Linker on March 19 at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern). 

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