Rising Technology ‘Will Revolutionize Learning’

“Better software will revolutionize learning,” write Bill and Melinda Gates in their annual letter published earlier this year. If they haven’t already, cheaper devices, rising incomes and growing Internet access almost certainly will revolutionize how we teach, learn and increase literacy.

“But are existing e-learning programs really having an impact?” asks Anand Jagatia of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

And Tom Power, a lecturer in international education at the Open University, co-authored a 2014 report on the effectiveness of educational technology in developing nations, concluding that many programs are going wrong.

But e-learning is not just used for promoting literacy. Rebecca Harrison, CEO of the African Management Initiative, an e-learning platform for aspiring managers, says that the use of technology may help reach a million managers by 2023.

—More info: http://www.scidev.net/global/education/multimedia/ elearning-impact.html#sthash.Gg4T5t3H.dpuf  

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