Sales Professionals Want Training to Be More Engaging

Nearly half of training professionals (48%) say their organization’s sales training content isn’t engaging enough to work, while 25% say the materials created don’t match sales teams’ needs. Perhaps it’s no wonder that only 32% describe their organization’s current sales training programs as “effective.”

In addition to struggling with training content that falls flat and/or is irrelevant, respondents cited other content-related challenges, noting that, on the whole, their organizations find that sales training materials are:

>> Too time-consuming to create – 50%

>> Too hard to create – 24%

>> Too expensive to create – 31%

>> Too hard to update – 32%

>> Obsolete by/before delivery time – 15%

Survey results show that the most prevalent methods for sales training for organizations today are: live classroom (80%), live Web conferencing (65%), on-demand training (67%), video (49%) and social learning (28%).

–Source: Brainshark, Inc.


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