Sales Reps Say Training Isn’t Engaging Enough

Sales Reps Say Training Isn’t Engaging Enough

Tough to get time-constrained reps ramped up on various products and ready to sell? It’s even harder with boring, obsolete and irrelevant training content. That’s a challenge facing many organizations today, according to a new study. Forty-eight –percent of training professionals say their organization’s sales training content isn’t engaging enough to work, while 25% say the materials created don’t match sales teams’ needs. Only 32% describe their organization’s current sales training programs as “effective.”

Survey responses came from more than 160 professionals responsible for sales training (training managers and coordinators, trainers, instructional designers, etc.), at organizations of all sizes and across industries.

Other statistics:

>> 50% say sales training materials are too time-consuming to create; 24% say they are too expensive to create; 32% say they are too hard to update; 15% say they are obsolete either by or before deliver time

>> 38% say their training content needs quarterly updates; 19% think once-a-year-updates suffice; while 42% say that, in reality, their organization’s training content gets updated once a year at best

>> 25% say that on-demand training demands not being met is a problem; 23% say that on-demand training creates challenges with tracking completion/progress; 61% say on-demand training creates difficulties aligning schedules

>> 45% say reps are easily distracted during training sessions
>> 88% agree that effective videos should be less than 20 minutes in length
>> 32% are in favor of bite-sized content that’s five minutes or less
>> 63% say that their organizations must conduct more ongoing training
>> 47% say they need more performance support
>> 62% say they need more coaching

Results show that in the year ahead (2015-16), organizations will continue to make investments in on-demand (62%) and live (classroom/Web conferencing) training methods (57%), while also allocating sales training budget toward video (45%), mobile learning (32%) social learning (26%), massive open online courses (19%) and gamification (16%).

—Source: Brainshark, Inc.

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