Salesforce Delivers Big Data On Your Phone

Salesforce Delivers Big Data On Your Phone

The largest knowledge-based competitive advantage delivered as a mobile app.

 It’s the gestalt of business intelligence. The newly launched, mobile data visualization app called Wave, is greater than the sum of its parts. Developed by San Francisco-based,’s new cloud-based BI platform, Wave will help users with demand planning as it uncovers trends to inspire better decision-making across the sales, marketing and customer service disciplines.

Designed first and foremost for mobile interaction, Wave works very simply by self-organizing data that’s been uploaded, in part via’s integration vendors, crunches data like transactional and third-party data, quickly finds correlations then graphically displays them – on your mobile device. Based on the majority of analyses that users generally need, the platform delivers five smartphone buttons: filter, group, measure, view, and drill.

“They (users) want to change the time-to-value equation for analytics applications. Especially when it comes to behavioral, CRM data, multi-party, multi-type data,” says Keith Bigelow, SVP & GM, Salesforce analytics cloud. “If you want to know all the behaviors of your customers in order to sell to them better, those are the scenarios which resonate right now with our platform.”

On the backend, a major competitive advantage of the Wave platform is how data is stored. Salesforce modeled Wave’s storage functionality similar to a Google search rather than an antiquated correlational model. Instead of data stored as rows and columns, it’s stored like key words in key value pairs then it’s compressed and encoded. The result is highly efficient massive storage data capacity.

As the industry continues to evolve towards peer-to-peer, individualized, contextualized, just-in-time and personalized learning and training, Wave is poised to deliver huge competitive advantages to businesses employing this new app as it taps the market demand for knowledge capture and retention



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