Skin Deep

Do you find yourself frequently forgetting your house keys? Or your wallet? There’s an app for that — sort of. Biohackers are increasingly able to insert computer chips into skin, and technology organizations such as TwinCities+ are picking up on the trend too. TwinCities+ president Tim Shank believes so strongly in the technology that he has had several chips imbedded into his own hands. He currently has an electronic key to his house installed (so does his wife), a near field communication chip (think ApplePay), and a virtual business card information chip that allows him to simply tap on an android phone and that phone will have his contact information.

Although experts say that long-term risks for implants are unknown, many people believe that there is no more risk in getting them than getting a piercing or tattoo.  Most procedures require a small incision on the side of the hand for the device and is then stitched up leaving little scaring.

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