SnapChat Vending Machines Sells AR Glasses

SnapChat Vending Machines Sells AR Glasses


Spectacles, SnapChat’s AR Glasses, can now be purchased from 100 vending machines placed across the US. The first one placed in Venice Beach, looks part Minions, part vending machine. The SnapBot, vending machine, remains ‘asleep’ until it senses a visitor. Adorned with yellow balloons, the machine will stay in place for a day or so before moving to another location.

Targeting SnapChat millennials, the creative marketing campaign reminds us of Poke Mon meets SnapChat. To locate a SnapBot, SnapChatters are invited to visit

Hoping to be more successful than Google Glasses, Spectacles lets one film a 10 second video with a click of a button. Lights show your friends you are filming. And you an upload via Wi-Fi. Spectacles also self-charge while in the carrying case. Priced at $130, you can purchase at a SnapBot near you.

Snap Inc.’s intriguing strategy to sell Spectacles, its souped-up sunglasses that records video, thanks to an integrated camera, from the wearer’s eye-level perspective. The company will drop a few of its interactive vending machines, called Snapbots, around the country, starting with one today on Venice Beach nearby its Southern California headquarters. Adorned with big, yellow balloons, the machines will be in a town for about a day before moving to another location.


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