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Star Power Learning!

Adobe Captivate Prime Wins First Annual Best of Elearning! Rising Star Award


Elearning! Magazine knows the importance of keeping organizations up to date on the state-of-the-art products and enterprise solutions driving today’s online learning market. That’s why we are pleased to announce the First Annual Rising Star Award, which recognizes newer brands that have achieved multiple Best of Elearning! honors. Twenty percent of Best of Elearning! honorees are first-time winners — a sign of innovation within the industry.

The Rising Star Award for 2019 is bestowed on Adobe Captivate Prime — the learning platform from Adobe. Captivate Prime, in spite of being a new entrant, has earned three Best of Elearning! Awards in the past three years. This robust learning management system enables L&D teams to deliver modern learning experiences with capabilities, such as mobile learning, seamless content playback experience and artificial intelligence-powered social learning capabilities.

Launched in August 2015, Captivate Prime was designed with a strong focus on the learner experience. Adobe went a step further by ensuring that the system offers an equally simple implementation experience for LMS admins and comprehensive reporting and analytics for training managers and executives. Traditional LMS migrations can take up to one year to complete, in comparison one could be up and running with Captivate Prime in a matter of days, with robust data migration connectors and a UX that allows for easy content authoring and delivery. Adobe offers multiple pricing and licensing options that make it suitable for small- to medium-size businesses, as well as large Fortune 100 enterprises. The active user-pricing model provides flexibility at an affordable cost, allowing enterprises to deploy training to a floating audience.


The newly introduced A.I.-powered social learning capabilities in Adobe Captivate Prime allows learners to share their expertise with peers in the form of web-based or user-generated content posted on discussion boards that are tied to skills. Learners can source content via a web URL or create it right from within the app, such as videos, audio clips and screenshots. Groups of users interested in similar skills can follow these topics to learn and even contribute to the topic, or ask questions, and follow others — much like a consumer social media platform. This empowers learners to learn from their peers or experts in moments versus days. This “Need It Now” utility is vital to modern learners who thrive on self-directed learning.

Adobe Sensei is the underlying machine learning algorithm that powers the automated content curation capability in Captivate Prime. The system automatically keeps a check on the quality of learner content that’s brought in by approving only those that meet a specific quality score. This is achieved by intelligent scans on the content based on A.I. and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that are powered by Adobe Sensei. Of course, the L&D leaders have the flexibility to turn it off and manually moderate if they wish. The social learning homepage in Captivate Prime provides a social feed for the participants, featuring personalized and relevant content. Learners can directly post content to the system, while browsing the web using the browser applet. The robust search algorithm in Captivate Prime populates relevant results from both social learning posts and formal learning courses based on the learner’s search query. Participants can choose to learn informally or enroll themselves in the formal course.


The top challenge for organizations is continuously filling the skills gap or reskilling current team members. With Captivate Prime, learning leaders can align skills to business objectives and assign skill-based learning plans to employee cohorts. Captivate Prime also supports certification, note taking, gamification and badges to drive engagement and positive reinforcement.

It’s easy to set up a learning structure in Captivate Prime. Training managers and their teams can reuse modules across courses to create structured learning paths, as well as combine virtual or live classrooms and e-learning courses to deliver learning programs, including certifications. They also can set up a Learning Plan by auto-assigning learning activities based on certain career events or the outcome of the previous learning activity.

The learner experience is key, so that learning can be personalized and relevant. Learners have access to their personal dashboards that they can customize, using drag-and-drop widgets. They also can view completed, pending and recommended courses, skills attained, badges received and details of activities to earn more badges and points. Learners can compare their performance against peers on the leaderboard, as well as get personalized recommendations in their feed based on must-have skills for their current role or desired skills for their next role. Managers have a holistic view of their teams and are enabled to take preemptive decisions, using data from the skill and compliance report dashboards. performance against peers on the leaderboard, as well as get personalized recommendations in their feed based on musthave skills for their current role or desired skills for their next role. Managers have a holistic view of their teams and are enabled to take preemptive decisions, using data from the skill and compliance report dashboards.

Domino’s Inc., an Adobe client, awards employees points for achievements — such as the faster learner to complete assigned courses and the most optional course content taken by a learner. “Employees can use the points like cash on gift cards or online shopping, says Chris Taylor, director, international training & standards, Domino’s Inc. “We want to tie the Domino’s employee rewards program to Captivate Prime so that, beyond earning badges and climbing the leaderboards, employees get monetary rewards for stepping up and learning new skills on their own.” (See case study on p. 34.)


Captivate Prime has effective features to support sales enablement. Training can be delivered at the point of need, across devices for sales and customer-facing teams to maximize productivity. Trainers can deliver learning in-context, including within (SFDC) or any other web page by taking advantage of the embeddable fluidic player, making Captivate Prime a “headless LMS.” An organization’s sales representatives can get a full view of their personal learning dashboard and receive notifications about upcoming learning tasks within SFDC. For example, Edmunds, another Adobe client, was able to reach the mobile sales force on any device, easily integrate it with SFDC and see close to 100% completion rates. (See case study on p. 35.) Learners also receive offline learning access within the Captivate Prime mobile app. Plus, sales training can leverage gamification, team dashboards and badges for recognition and rewards.

Managers are encouraged to use the Skills Dashboard to view a high-level summary of how their teams are currently positioned against the assigned skills. They can also assess and forecast future skill levels among team members based on the training progress and performance stats. Data-visualization tools offer a visual of a team’s learning, with charts that represent vital statistics on enrollment, progressions and completions. Managers can further analyze the data via Team View and Training View to better understand learning patterns, make business decisions and provide feedback on training plans and performance.


With Captivate Prime, it’s easy to enable customer training delivered through an elevated personalized experience using customized URLs. Maintain the organization’s brand guidelines and keep customer groups engaged and updated with new content that can be delivered on any browser or any device. Companies can leverage all the capabilities of A.I.-powered social learning, data visualization, ease of use, mobile learning, gamification and other powerful capabilities.


Adobe exclusively offers the best-in-class triad of solutions: Captivate Prime LMS, Captivate Rapid E-learning Development Tool and Connect Virtual Classroom & Meeting Solution. Adobe brands have earned Best of Elearning! honors every year since 2005. According to their users, Adobe is best of breed across the pillars of digital learning solutions — learning management systems, e-learning authoring tools and virtual classroom. No other single brand in the learning marketplace has earned these distinctions.


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