Survive & Thrive in Today’s Challenging Environment

Survive & Thrive in Today’s Challenging Environment

Speakers: Vicki Tamberllini, President, eduworld1, Wendy Frederick, Chief, Learning Systems Management Division, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Alice Muerllerweiss, Dean, Veteran’s Affairs Learning University, Dept of Veterans Affairs

Both of these learning leaders faced steep challenges but embraced the opportunity to re-invent their learning programs. Discover how the Dept of Veteran Affairs created an enterprise level Learning University serving 320,000 employees. Their single touch point provides full access to a rich suite of offerings. The ATF, while smaller, faced similar challenges when re-designing their learning and delivery methods. From determining competencies to learning system selection, these leaders both faced critical decisions.

Join this session and hear how they assessed their organization’s needs, developed a course of action, embraced new technologies and measured the results. Discover how these executives are building smarter organizations as they share their experiences, outcomes and programs.

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