Technology Driving  Education’s Evolution

Technology Driving Education’s Evolution

Google is big on learning. And its vice president of research Alfred Spector sees technology playing an absolutely huge role in learning in the very near future.

Spector believes that technology being developed by Google may change the nature and purpose of educational institutions.

“In the past, it seemed you had to go to a school to get formal education,” he told the audience. “There was no choice but to go to isolated places to be educated, but now we don’t have to do that. We may choose to, but we don’t have to.”

He believes, rightly so, that learning is more fun today than ever before. The combination of entertainment (video games and the like) and learning strategies is removing some of the drudgery from rote memorization. He further believes the research that shows that anyone of average intelligence could reach the top two percent of his or her academic class if a personal tutor adjusts lessons to individual learning needs.


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