The 5 Secrets to Deploying Effective Training at Warp Speed

The 5 Secrets to Deploying Effective Training at Warp Speed

Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-large, Elearning!Media Group and Kelly Smith, Online Learning Advocate, Knoodle

The Speed of Business has grown exponentially. From sales competition, changing regulations and advances in practices, today’s enterprise must move at warp speed. Join this session with Joe DiDonato, Elearning! Magazine’s Editor-at-large and Kelly Smith, Online Learning Advocate , and discover how to accelerate your business.

You will learn how:

  1. Best-in-Class organizations leverage rapid development tools to drive performance across their extended enterprises
  2. To engage learners with rich media to improve outcomes
  3. To empower individuals and small development teams with the “Right” rapid development tools
  4. To use rapid content development tools to provide learning to under-serviced parts of your extended enterprise, including customer-support, partners, and more…
  5. To deploy rapidly developed content over mobile devices.

See firsthand how a medical school professor at the University of California at San Diego constructed the HOPE program. This rich multi-media healthcare training curriculum on childhood obesity was constructed by a development team of one and is targeted the most discerning learners – doctors.

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