Three-Fourths Are Considering ‘Clouds’

Seventy-five percent of 230 training organizers are considering more virtual classroom training delivered with e-learning solutions, according to a survey by Skytap, Inc. Of those surveyed, a significant number were faced with reduced IT budgets for training programs, making the cloud the most cost-effective choice for course delivery.

Nearly 50 percent of the companies surveyed said they were operating under reduced training budgets for the next year. In addition, many training programs offered in a physical classroom format have challenges including ongoing capital expenditures for lab equipment, inefficient lab set-up and re-use processes, variable class sizes, expensive real estate costs and student travel costs. With more than 50 percent of companies currently offering training through physical classrooms, organizations are in search of a new way to provide the interactivity and instructor direction of a physical classroom in an online environment.

“The cloud provides the lowest total cost of ownership for training organizations faced with reduced IT budgets,” says Scott Roza, CEO of Skytap

The poll was conducted by Skytap as part of its “Beating Budget Cuts Delivering Hands-On Virtual Learning” Webinar in June.

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