TOOLS: Find and Work Your ‘Hot Spots’

TOOLS: Find and Work Your ‘Hot Spots’


The free Office app docSpots can be used as a supplement to Microsoft Word 2013. Since documents in many different contexts and formats are often not self-explanatory as they may be written in another language or missing important context information, this is where docSpots comes in.

Two central features of the app:

>> It can add supplementary multimedia content and validations directly to Word documents for areas where users require more detailed information. The information is stored on a server. The app then recognizes where work is being done in the document and shows the users context-sensitive contents stored in real-time in this area.

>> Authors can offer self-created documents that contain context-sensitive multimedia content for download at a central point: their own spot. Updates in the documents collected here are possible to retrieve at any time. An individual spot access code can be used to determine who should receive access to the documents so that they can then be downloaded and used by the defined readership.

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