Tools: 3-D AR Is Now ‘Reality’ And Simple to Use, Too

ARlab has unveiled two new innovative Augmented Reality solutions to help developers to create useful, easy and fast applications: AR Browser and Image Matching.

Both isolate the developer from the complexity of the main augmented reality, computer vision and 3-D rendering functionalities so that the he or she can just start working on the app idea. AR Browser and Image Matching has been created with simplicity of use in mind. For that reason, the company also introduces Linkar Developer Community ( as a reach space to learn and share experiences and learning to the whole world.

With AR Browser, you can add augmented reality geolocation view to Android or iOS applications in less than five minutes, having a fully customizable look and feel. Also easily add and remove POIs from the pool without refreshing the view.

The ARlab solution allows fully customized framework with really simple API. The framework takes care of all the complex functionalities of the augmented reality browser. The developers just need to focus on designing the application.

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