The latest release of Xcelerator for Microsoft Excel continues to reduce the time and effort required to format data for the first time and on a repetitive basis. Formatting requiring 30 minutes each time it is performed using only Excel is completed for the first time in less than five minutes with the help of Xcelerator, the company says.

When formatting new data for fields previously formatted, Xcelerator automatically creates an identical workbook using the selected workbook format. Within seconds, it automatically transforms unformatted data into a formatted workbook better suited for viewing, printing and data analysis.

Xcelerator automatically changes field descriptions, creates calculated fields, reorders and hides columns, sorts, creates better formatted subtotals, applies Styles and Conditional formats, creates Charts, PivotTables, PivotCharts and formatted Drill worksheets.

Xcelerator combines the time saving Excel formatting and data analysis features of the separate EZ-Format, EZ-Chart, EZPivot, EZ-Calc and EZ-Stat products with the unique ability to automatically and identically format new data in seconds. 

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