TOOLS: Award-winning Online Collaborative Course Authoring and Course Review

As more and more organizations are building e-learning internally, training departments and e-learning development teams often find it difficult to meet the growing demand for good e-learning courses, both inside and outside of the organization. Project teams often find themselves stretched and sometimes even without the resources needed to successfully meet required deadlines and budgets.Working together to build and review e-learning content also becomes a challenge as remote team members struggle with desktop-based tools.

Built on the open web standard of Flash and XML, Rapid Intake Unison™is a webbased solution that lets designers and subject matter experts (SMEs) collaboratively capture, storyboard, develop, review, test, and publish Flash-based courses—without having to know Flash.Novice users and content owners simply fill out form-based templates or convert PowerPoint presentations to create interactive Flash-based courses, while advanced users and communities create reusable custom interaction templates by accessing the Flash source code (.fla) and SDK
tools. Flexible licensing models enable entire teams to work together at less cost so that you can easily scale e-learning development throughout your organization as needs change over time.All output is SCORM compliant (so it will work with any learning management system), rich-media compatible, and works on most PC and Mac browsers.

Course developers, instructional designers, SMEs, and anyone else you need to add to the project can easily collaborate from anywhere in three ways: accessing the centralized media manager, building and editing content in the same project at the same time, and contributing and managing feedback using the integrated course review module.

Your project team can collaborate before and during development by uploading, organizing and accessing shared media assets, such as images, audio, video, Flash
movies, and PowerPoint presentations. Unison’s integrated media manager automatically converts them to web-friendly formats so your contributors don’t need to worry about file format conversion.

Continue your collaboration during development by working in the same project
at the same time. No need to worry about overwriting each other’s changes, Unison™ automatically handles page-level locking so that you don’t step on each
other’s toes. Unison also automatically saves version histories so you can roll back to a previous version at any time.

Once you’re ready for some feedback, course reviewers can easily contribute their comments by using REVIEW™, Unison’s integrated course review and quality assurance testing module. Amazingly, the REVIEW™ module even lets you collaboratively collect and manage feedback for courses created with other tools such as Articulate, Captivate, and Lectora. This gives you one centralized place to collect and manage feedback for all courses you create, regardless of the tools you use.

Rapid Intake Unison™ also removes one of the biggest barriers to collaboration: user licensing. Unlimited reviewer licenses are included with any account, so you never have to worry about paying for an additional license for course reviewers. Course developer licenses work in one of two ways: “traditional user” licensing, or “active project” licensing.

With traditional user licensing you pay for each course-developer user. If you know exactly how many course developers you have, and that number isn’t going to change a lot over time, this is the way to go.

With active project licensing you get unlimited course developer users and only pay for the number of projects you actively work on at any given time. This dramatically
facilitates collaboration, because, with this model, you can add course developers as you need to without incurring additional costs for each one.

“I have a team that is remote, and I also work remotely.My hospitals are all geographically dispersed, so it made sense to go to a Web-based tool,” says Amber Larson, who leads the learning technology team at the systems level for Adventist Healthcare. Her team includes instructional designers, e-learning developers, and programmers and she works with more than 75 subject matter experts (SMEs). “We found that Rapid Intake’s Unison™ addresses all the critical areas of building rapid interactive Flash-based e-Learning as an online collaborative course-authoring solution.”

Start a free trial of Rapid Intake Unison™ today and start realizing these groundbreaking benefits for your organization:

>> Better workflow management with remote team members
>> Centralized collaborative course development
>> Better versioning control
>> Centralized media asset management
>> Collaborative course review and quality assurance testing
>> Flexible licensing model that provides options for involving unlimited users for no additional costs
>> Instant software and customization deployment
>> Better SME oversight

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