TOOLS: Collaborate to Create Rapid Collaborative Authoring is now available as Software as a Service with Atlantic Link

TOOLS: Collaborate to Create Rapid Collaborative Authoring is now available as Software as a Service with Atlantic Link

Atlantic Link software gives training developers everything they need to easily author, edit, manage and deploy their eLearning content – all in a single package, online and with true collaboration. Atlantic Link software Version 2.0 includes a range of new features and functionality that delivers powerful media suite editing capabilities, so there’s no need to buy multiple tools and desktop solutions to create media rich online courses. Atlantic Link 2.0’s complete eLearning collaborative authoring solution includes a video editing suite, image editor, sound studio, Flash interaction library and more.

Atlantic Link is now available as Software as a Service (SaaS). Now companies and institutions of all sizes can have a complete collaborative authoring and eLearning content management solution without having to make upfront capital expenditures or burden in-house IT resources.


Simple & easy authoring. Atlantic Link’s extensive library of content manageable Flash assets and templates provide eLearning designers creative elements that they can easily place within lessons, from a variety of categories including: quizzes, multi-media, surveys, flow charts, glossaries, brain teasers, games and much more!

Affordable authoring. For a low monthly cost, subscribers can benefit from: flexibility of configuration; ease of receiving product updates and instantaneous access to the Atlantic Link solution from anywhere in the world.

Accessible authoring. Discover the power of rapid authoring that lets your training team create engaging eLearning courses and update content collaboratively, even from remote locations. Elearning developers can quickly create interactive and media-rich Flash based eLearning courses without Flash programming. SME’s can  easily develop course content and all contributors can review, audit and markup content for modifications from any location, with just a web browser.

Secure authoring. Atlantic Link’s collaborative authoring solution provides centralized storage and management of eLearning content as the content is in development. As a result, source files are never misplaced or lost on someone’s desktop and course content, along with media assets, can quickly be updated by all contributors.

Join global customers like British Telecom, HSBC, RBC Bank and many more who use Atlantic Link collaborative authoring solutions to create stunning and interactive eLearning rapidly and affordably.

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