TOOLS: Consumer Electronics Includes Mobile Learning

Judging by product innovations seen at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, it won’t be long before training courses are written for smart phones and other mobile communication devices.

One of the product introductions was for the Vaestro Voice Blogosphere, which is a type of audio blog network that lets you record blogs, as well as comments, as voice files instead of text. It’s an iPhone app available for $2.99, and is just one more tool with potential to be used in the e-learning space.

Also, Skype announced that it is acquiring Qik, a mobile video software company. Qik’s platform creates an environment where users can enjoy real-time video across multiple mobile platforms. Facilitating mobile e-learning rests on the ability to provide a dynamic, multimedia presentation, and companies like Qik are bringing that capability to the smart phone.

Although a larger screen is more desirable for most e-learning programs, it is important to allow access through as many electronic devices as possible. At this point in consumer electronics development, it is making more and more sense to include that mobile platforms in the e-learning environment. While longer sessions may be better left to a full-size screen, shorter on-demand sessions are suited to a mobile platform. To date, e-learning has focused on other platforms, but it’s inevitable that some e-learning applications will move to the smart phone, at least as a supplementary method of educational training.

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