TOOLS: Deliver Rich, Interactive E-Learning

Cisco WebEx Training Center now has high-quality (HQ) video. The retooled product also offers a more natural class environment with dynamic face-to-face interaction and a streamlined the user interface.

HQ video allows instructors to demonstrate clearly products, procedures and concepts. With just a click, you can use your camera to show participants how to do the task rather than just show photos or rely on oral descriptions. At the same time, your participants can see your body language while you teach — which is essential for some types of learners.

The video experience includes Active Speaker switching, which allows video to switch automatically to the speaker so the conversation is fluid and natural as you follow who is talking. If focus is required, the host can also lock in on one presenter.

Training Center also offers built-in ecommerce for registration, breakout sessions, hands-on labs, threaded Q&A, polling, testing and more.

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