Tools: New Platform Reinvents HR

BersinInsights is the first personalized, integrated and scalable platform could “re-invent” the way HR, talent and learning executives and professionals work on a daily basis to drive business results through their people.

BersinInsights brings research-based models, tools, information and proven people strategies into one place where they are cross-referenced and linked, making it possible to quickly find answers, design solutions, benchmark programs, find vendor solutions, and continue learning more on a topic. The new platform also lets Bersin & Associates members personalize their online experience so that relevant content — from research to upcoming events — can be pushed to them via email and is continuously updated on the site.

Other features:

>> Personalization. Members may personalize BersinInsights through an initial set-up or on the fly.

>> Integration. Members receive continuous updates. 

>> Scalability.

>> Instant credibility.

—More info: email or telephone (510) 251-4400

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