Tools: New Social App for Yammer Users

Mindflash, an online training platform, has launched the first training app for the Yammer enterprise social network. This integrated experience makes employee training easier, more social and more accessible for the 200,000 companies already using Yammer for collaboration and communications. The new Mindflash app for Yammer makes it easy to create, distribute and track courses vital for employee success and seamlessly incorporates those courses into companies’ internal communications.

Key features:

>> Increased awareness of courses: Trainers can take advantage of the Yammer news feed and alerts to publicize courses and get trainees started.

>> More engaging social training experience: Trainees can share their scores, comment on courses, and start conversations on new training needs.

>> More efficient, timesaving platform: Trainers can identify and invite trainees right from their always-current Yammer contacts list. Utilizing Yammer Pages, trainers can create easily discoverable catalogs of courses for their colleagues.

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