TOOLS: Online Audience Response

Harbinger Knowledge Products has released the next generation of online audience response systems (ARS) that will allow teachers, trainers and business presenters to easily and affordably engage and interact with their audience.

The cutting-edge ARS combines with YawnBuster presentation software into a new program called YawnBuster Connect. The advanced response system lets presenters and speakers collect, view and instantly share audience responses in real time without the need for traditional audience clicker pads or any software installation for viewers.

YawnBuster Connect works for both online meetings and Webinars as well as in-person seminars and lectures. Attendees need just a mobile device or a laptop with a Web browser to access a URL.

Every session is given a unique identification number and a unique URL. The attendees can answer questions, participate in a poll or game, and even type in free-form text to chip in with their opinions.

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